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The Town of Furniture, Okawa City

Okawa City in Fukuoka, where our factory is located is known for its high-quality timber craftsmanship. We are fortunate to have superior materials suppliers located nearby and so we can start work on your furniture right away. While we are grateful to have the skill and experience that comes from many years in the timber-working industry, we are also always trying new things and pushing ourselves. It is our dream to incorporate the spirit of Okawa in the furniture of the finest quality that we make for you.

The more you use it, the more it will feel like a natural part of your family’s surroundings

Your Tateno furniture will grow lustrous over time through touch and exposure to sunshine. Like the well-worn handle of Grandpa’s cane, our furniture develops a deep lustre naturally. The smooth texture it will display reflects the years of enjoyment that your family has taken from it. The more you use it, the more you come to love it. That is the real pleasure of using natural wood products. We hope to keep delighting families like your own with our materials and craftsmanship for many years to come. The Representative Director Harumi Tateno

Company name Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
English Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
Representative Director (President & CEO) Harumi Tateno
The establishment of a business April 1st 1949. Tateno Lumber company
Foundation August 20th 1965. Tateno Lumbermill Factory
Merger&Change February 1st 1973. Merger of the above two companies
Registration February 13th 1973. Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
Location 726, Mukaijima, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka 831-0005, Japan
Telephone call +81-944-87-2140
Facsimile +81-944-87-2138
Capital 20 million yen

About Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to conduct our business ethically, creating positive outcomes for the environment, society and the economy.

From Trustworthy Sawmills

Our main suppliers of timber for domestic furniture such as oak, walnut, and cherry tree are located in the USA, Canada, and Africa. We only purchase wood from companies which have the industry-standard certificate prohibiting the use of illegally felled wood (Documents Required for Verification on Legality and Sustainability of Wood and Wood Products).

Safe and Reliable Manufacture

We choose carefully selected wood for our furniture, taking care to avoid materials thought to be associated with ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. We strive to make furniture that you can choose for your family with peace of mind.

We Don’t Waste Any Wood

Furniture is made from wood which has taken many years to grow, and we treat it as a precious resource. Even the wood dust generated by our factory is donated to local companies who need thermal fuel, and we give our wood chips to business partners who keep chickens. We try to use every part of the wood.In addition, the wood parts from our regular products and the scraps of unusual sizes from our special order products are used by our craftsmen to create the COCICO series (link). We try to use every last bit of wood for its next purpose.

Working Together With The Community

The scraps of wood from the furniture factory come in all shapes and sizes. These are then cut into smaller pieces and the palm-sized pieces are sent to a local B-type employment support centre [SCENT OF WOOD] for polishing. After carefully removing the corners, the pieces are sold as building blocks for children or as craft parts. We are gradually expanding the circle of the town's industry so that it can be a necessary place for the local people.