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About Okawa city, town of the furniture

Okawa city in Fukuoka Prefecture, where our factory is located, here is a city of "manufacturing" known as a woodworking production area. We are blessed with materials companies and transportation companies as well as affiliated companies specializing in interior business, so we can work on what custmer want immediately. The experience and technology of timber cultivated over the years as a furniture making city, While appreciating every day to a fulfilling environment, also trying a new trial. I wish the companies in the Okawa, their minds to be together and creativing best furniture for deliver.

Our furniture of the natural wood can easily adapt itself to family surroundings the more it is used and passed around

Wooden furniture comes glossy where you often touch it. When the sunlight flows, The luster gradually deepens. In the same way as a floor and a pillar, The solid wood gets old at a pace of nature. The texture exuding out gradually is the proof that we used it frequently in all of family. The more it is used and passed around, the more you'll love it. This is the very reason for the appeal of wooden products. Through our wooden furniture, I hope that the future of every family, also ideals and wishes will expand abundantly.We have a great emphasis on domestic furniture at present ,and we will continue striving to further strengthen the process of creative design and manufacturing with our heart. The Representative Director Harumi Tateno

Company name Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
English Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
Representative Director (President & CEO) Harumi Tateno
The establishment of a business April 1st 1949. Tateno Lumber company
Foundation August 20th 1965. Tateno Lumbermill Factory
Merger&Change February 1st 1973. Merger of the above two companies
Registration February 13th 1973. Tateno. Wood. Art. Co.,Ltd
Location 726, Mukaijima, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka 831-0005, Japan
Telephone call +81-944-87-2140
Facsimile +81-944-87-2138
Capital 20 million yen

About Corporate Social Responsibility

As for us, The making of furniture supporting our living is connected for developing of better society, In addition, Through our furniture service, We develop with our area, and what is more, We hope that local people can continue rich life every day.

From the trustworthy lumbermill and wood channels

The main wood of domestic furniture such as Oak wood, Walnut wood, Cherry wood is imported from the foreign countries. For example, United States, Canada, Africa ; etc. In addition, It is important to confirm appropriately the management method and the arrival channels of the raw wood. We purchase only the wood of the business operator which acquired a certificate(Documents Required for verification on Legality and Sustainability of Wood and Wood Products) following a standard not use the wood felled illegally.

Attention to wood is evident in every detail

With woods grown through decades, we make domestic furniture. By each process of the factory, we produce many mill ends every day . In addition, We offer wood chips generated from a wood processing facility every day to the cooperating chicken coop. To play the following leading role, We are struggling to use up wood effectively.

Pursuing to produce "safe and secure" products is crucial for our service.

We keep it in mind to use the material which we examined carefully so that the material which we use not don't cause significant harm to our customer's health. moreover, We aim to avoid as much as possible a material that said to be one of the causes of the "sick-building syndrome". We are struggling to develop the furniture production that can be used safely by anyone.