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Un petit canapé pour permettre à un chat de se détendre

A tiny sofa for a cat to relax

date.2019/01/08   category.ニュースリリース

A stylish sofa with sharp design, It is made in cat size.

Scaled-down human-size sofa made of high-quality fabric to the right size for a cat to relax. Authentic cat furniture that furniture artisans pay special attention to comfort. The smart line and the smooth suede-like fabric make your life with cat graceful.


CLANK sofa for cat
Dimention :W770 × D460 × H455 / SH220 mm
Finishing:Oil Finish
*Please choose the basic cover color from 3366 stone or 4577 citron


Stylish view from the back. It fits neatly to the living room, bedroom and entrance.


The seat size is 720mm wide and 300mm deep. Just the right size for a cat to lie down.

Cover replacement (*sold separately)
Please choose a color from 96 colorways.
1 for seat surface, 2 for back cushions

Toray's high-performance fabric

A mattress with the right level of hardness and artificial suede fabric that is durable against cat scratch. Easy to wash.


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