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About Our Timber

We mainly use popular timber such as white oak, walnut, or black cherry for our pieces but of course we can also use other timber like chestnut, zelkova, cedar, and so on, if you have a preference. As family furniture is something that will be a part of your home for a long time, please donʼt hesitate to ask us about the characteristics of the wood and how it changes over the years.

About Factory

Weʼve been making furniture since we were born as a lumber mill in 1949 over 60 years ago. These days, we handle a wide range of requests such as not only bespoke dining tables but also furniture for hospitals and schools. We have also expanded to produce a range of domestic furniture items and cabinets, highly functional furniture designed to meet customer needs. Our natural wood furniture line, box furniture line, custom made items; each has a different fabrication process depending on the specifications. We make each piece from scratch, putting all our heart into our work as has been done in our factory for many years.

From Veterans to Young Staff

Okawa City in Fukuoka has a history of woodworking going back about 480 years, and is said to be Japan's largest furniture-making city. Special craftsmen with delicate handicrafts and traditional tools have passed down traditional manufacturing methods which results in furniture which supports life. We are woodworking professionals of various genres gathered in this town, and for about 70 years we have been engaged in the manufacture of furniture. Even when the modern lifestyle changes, the attractiveness of wooden furniture that enriches our lives will not change. As the inheritors of the skills and feeling for wood, all our staff, from the veterans to the young ones, have come together to work on new things.

About oil finish

We use a natural finish that is friendly to wood and to the environment.

  • Because our finish is based on natural vegetable oil (sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil etc.) and vegetable wax, it is non-toxic.

  • Meets the standard of the ʻEuropean Toy Safety Directiveʼ; even if your children lick it, it is okay.

  • Maintenance can be done at home, so you can keep using and enjoying your favourite furniture for a long time.

  • It contains no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

  • Because the wood can breathe, it makes the most of the woodʼs natural beauty.

※ Urethane finishing, sprayer coating, and Nano Curious available on request.

About the linoleum

Linoleum is a furniture finishing material manufactured from natural materials, mainly linseed oil. Its mat and light texture has a unique warmth and complements the interior. We have incorporated it in our side tables and trays.

  • The main ingredients are linseed oil, rosin (pine resin), wood flour, lime powder, natural dyes and other naturally occurring materials.
  • It is biodegradable, so it can be returned to the soil when it has served its purpose.
  • Flaxseed oil has antibacterial properties and can be used as an antiviral against norovirus and influenza A.
  • No harmful substances are produced, such as formaldehyde, which can cause chemical sensitivity, sick building syndrome and allergies.
  • It is a durable and flame-resistant material.