HOME Commitment


Making with concentrate for all works, wholeheartedly.
While thinking about the scene you use, We finish carefully one by one.

About lumber

We mainly use lumber with domestic furniture such as white oak, walnut, black cherry. Also deal with domestic materials such as chestnuts, zelkova, cedar and so on according to your request. As it is a furniture that you will associate for a long time, please consult with us freely about the characteristics of the wood and the secular change.

About factory

In 1949, after being born as a lumbermill, over 60 years have passed since we were involved in the manufacture of furniture. So now, we are widely handling, not only the particular dining table, even making furniture of hospitals and school too. We also proceeded to the fields related to housing and also responded to the needs of highly functional furniture such as furniture fixtures and large wall unit. Solid line, box line, bespoke line, Process is different depending on specifications. We make everything from the beginning with full heart, at the factory where is not only old but aged well.

From experienced to young staff

It’s in Fukuoka Prefecture, Okawa city where is said to be Japan's largest furniture production volume in Japan, with a history of woodworking for about 480 years. Traditional wooden woven with small pieces made by hand worker, Furniture craftsmen handed down by recipes of long ago, such as production using plane and fleas, And furniture craftsman supporting living. In this town where woodworking professionals of various genres gather, We are involved in the manufacture of furniture through 70 years long. Even if the lifestyle changes, its will not change that furniture of wood enriching living, continue to be attractive. We received feelings and skills to live with nature, we will work on it, also working on new things with every staff.

About oil finish

  • It is finished with natural paint that is friendly
    to woods and environmentally.
  • ●The sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils
     which are the basis of wood finishes, as well as
     the waxes and pigments we use are classified as food safe.
  • ●It’s clear the “European Toy Safety Directive”,
     Even if a child licks, it is okay.
  • ●Maintenance can be done at home. You can continue for
     use favorite furniture for a long time.
  • ●It contains no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde
  • ●The wood is allowed to breathe, it can make
     the most of the charm of the wood.
  • ※We will respond to urethane finish,Nano Curious finish (glass coat paint),
     UV block finish according to your request.