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Our vision and idea for
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Friendly furniture

We regard natural as the most important thing when we make of furniture. Natural wood feels soft and smooth, and which develops color and texture the more it is used. Combining natural wood with natural oil of good quality, Our furniture created a friendly atmosphere. In addition, Our furniture is designed with softly in mind while removing the roundness of the corner, and paying close attention to a design of the back side. In other word ,The basic concept of friendly furniture is the concern of a parent for child.

Furniture to be inherited

In our time, What was in yesterday is out today, and what is popular today will be obsolete tomorrow.That's why we finish furniture in the simple design which does not depend the fashion trends. In addition, an expert craftsman assembles it carefully, and you can rely on our after-service to make the necessary repairs for products. We will continue to maintain our skills to provide every customer with our products that are handed down from one generation to the next. In other words,We always expect a special episode that a daughter inherit the furniture which her mother used habitually. 

Diversity furniture

For example, Without our noticing it , A TV board turns into the sub storage space of the desk, or a big shelf turns into the partition of the room. As mentioned above, The product which we aim at is the furniture that is not bound by conventional frameworks which can cope with flexibly the growth of family and adapt easily to new surroundings while valuing some functions to support a living. In short, We always think of the design to be able to snuggle up to furniture even if a feeling and the times change.