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クランク リビングテーブル

Well-ventilated , Japanese style Western-style room, designed to fit both.

A smart series of straight-line tones. It features a light design that the top board looks like floats a little. It is not to leave traces on tatami mats and carpets, so it suit well in both Japanese style and Western style. If it is arranged with the sofa of the same series, it becomes a chic living room。


You can choose from 3 levels, both depth and width. Please choose according to the size of TV board and sofa.


Please refer to price list.

Tree species

Hard Maple
※Oil finish

  • Walnut
  • Hard Maple
    Hard Maple


  W1100 W1150 W1200
D500 ¥78,200 ¥83,200 ¥88,400
D550 ¥81,200 ¥86,600 ¥92,000
D600 ¥84,000 ¥90,000 ¥95,800

● All 350 mm in height

All reference price, Not include taxes and fares. ※There may be a case where the color of the photograph and the real thing are different Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.