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Liage II

Dresser desk

リアージュII ドレッサーデスク

Favorite dresser, sometimes a writing desk.

The top board, front panel of the drawers are all solid wood. The good touch is also attractive. there are wiring misses for cords such as dryers, always top of a solid desk is refreshing. It is moderately spacious for desk work space such as sewing machine and PC work. The handling of the drawer is also simple, and the solid grain is elegant.


It sticks to the walls by missing the wiring.


Top board is a solid wood, it feels good and calm usability.



Tree species

※Oil Finish

  • Walnut



All reference price, Not include taxes and fares. ※There may be a case where the color of the photograph and the real thing are different Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.