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A tiny bed for a cat to dream

date.2019/01/07   category.ニュースリリース

A bed made of solid wood, Made in cat size.

Scaled-down human-size bed made of solid wood, that you enjoy high-quality wood grain, to the right size for a cat to lie down. Authentic cat furniture that furniture artisans pay special attention to comfort. The muted tone bed made of solid wood that you enjoy woody feeling blends in your living room gracefully.

Raffine Bed for cat
Dimensions : W600 × D750 × H280mm
Finishing : Oil Finish
※Exclusively designed mattress, 2 slats, fitted sheet, 2 pillows

Night table for cat
Dimensions : W130 × D100 × H156mm
Finishing : Oil Finish


We pay attention to all the details, such as side frame and headboard, with the same level of quality as furniture for humans.


Slat made of paulownia wood, which has excellent breathability. It keeps underneath of bed clean where moisture tends to stand, and supports comfortable sleep.


A mattress with the right level of hardness and fitted sheet with artificial suede fabric that is durable against cat scratch.

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