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“Not on the furniture, kids!”

The kids will draw all over our beautiful wooden furniture.
Kids will be kids, right?
No problem! We have designed our furniture to resist the scratching and staining of family life.

If you carefully scrape light scratches such as marker marks and ring stains with sandpaper, family furniture recovers its luster and texture again. In addition, If you can not fix light scratches at home by all means, we can repair it. You can scrap tiny scratches off a board at home because the material is natural wood.
*If you can be very hard to repair it,
 Please feel free to call us anytime.

The paint using with our furniture uses "German-made" oil made from biomass such as sunflower oil and soybean oil, which satisfy "the European toy safety standards", Even if a baby licks accidentally the oil, It is safety.
《Osmo Oil》http://osmo-edel.jp

Fabrics such as a sofa and chair can be subjected to water-repellent processing called "Pearltone". If you spill juice or milk on a sofa or chair, It will not soak into the fabric. If you spill it, wipe fabric quickly with water, you can prevent spots and dirt. And then, the fabric of water repellent processing is attractive also with good breathability.


*We have also prepared optional package consisting of specifications suitable for our customer's different machining needs. Some products come under this service.
Please contact us if you would like to know
more about this service.