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“Not on the furniture, kids!”

The kids will draw all over our beautiful wooden furniture. Kids will be kids, right?
No problem! We have designed our furniture to resist the scratching and staining of family life.

If you carefully sand back minor imperfections like pen marks or beverage ring-stains, natural wood recovers its lustre and texture. We also offer a repair service if you’re not confident to do it yourself. Feel free to call us anytime!

Our German-made furniture varnish is made from plant-based products like sunflower and soybean oil which meet the stringent European Toy Safety Standards. It is safe even for the littlest baby.

The process is called “Pearltone”. If you spill something like milk or juice onto treated material, it won’t soak into the fabric. If you wipe up spills quickly after they occur, you can maintain the condition of the fabric. Pearltone treated fabrics look good, and the treatment process helps the material to breathe.


Pearltone Fabric Treatment is an optional extra not available with all items. Please contact us for more information.