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We are looking for people to work with us.

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As of 02.05.2024.
・Wooden furniture manufacturing (hand and machine processing, assembly, polishing, painting, etc.)
・Furniture manufacturing and design/drafting (*CAD experience is preferred. (Software we use = JW)
*Experience in furniture manufacturing is preferred.
*I/U-turns from other prefectures are welcome.
*Factory tours are available at interview or via ZOOM.

【People like this also work at.】

Many women are active in the polishing, oil painting, assembly and metal fitting processes. The soft hands of the women make sure that the product is finished with the utmost care and attention. Most of the workers, especially those in the final inspection process, are childcare workers. We are flexible and can accommodate school events and sudden hospital visits.

【Tateno Wood Art , a company like this.】
We make wooden furniture from solid wood. We put our heart and soul into our work so that the more you use it, the more you will love it and the more it will fit in with your life with its texture.


We plan and manufacture our own products and ship them nationwide from our own factory in Okawa. Occasionally, products are commercialised after meetings with external parties (designers, coordinators, architects and furniture dealers).

In addition to planning, developing and manufacturing custom-made furniture with high functionality, such as installation furniture and large wall storage, and furniture brands that work with designers, we have also started full-scale development of new 'furniture for living with cats'. We also plan and manufacture products such as.


This is a restroom cover that completely conceals the cat's toilet. It was designed as a product that makes life with pets more comfortable while respecting the living space. We will continue to produce a wide range of products to suit diversifying lifestyles.

You are interested in making wooden objects with life in mind. We are looking for people who can gradually and surely learn woodworking skills and work together with us on manufacturing. Experienced woodworkers will also be given preferential treatment depending on their skills.

【We are waiting for someone like this.】

Those with an interest in woodworking and craftsmanship.
Experience or interest in living, interior design or housing.
Those who want to make a career in Kyushu's Fukuoka region, U and I-turns are welcome.
Those who want to be involved in manufacturing for a long time as a craftsman.

Even if you have no experience in woodworking, you will learn and continue to learn little by little. We will support you well, so please start with confidence. We are looking for people who can work together with us for a long time, enjoying the difficulty, fun and joy of working with things and giving them shape.

Contact: Tateno Wood Art Co.,Ltd
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Tel  0944-87-2140 (9:00-17:00)

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