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Our recommend repairing solid furniture!
Come whenever you want our advice to use
family furniture for a long time!

It doesn't matter if children's graffiti or circular stains of a glass
is attached to products. It can be easily removed by repairing!

The table in everyday use is easily scratched and damaged. In particular, " pen marks", "circular stains",and "circular stains of a glass", etc. At first, It is simulated scratches adhered on the surface of a table.

Next, We remove the parts which prevent the tabletop from moving due to moisture or drying, and the four legs of the table.

Strip cleanly oil finish from the surface of the table with sandpaper. After that, we will repair deep scratches and joints.

Remove scratches and dirt from the surface with sandpaper, and then a craftsman gradually adjusts it smoothly with fine sandpaper.

The surface applies and finishes by evenly natural paint made from plants. The finished surface will be thoroughly wiped,  to the corner.

In the repair of solid wood,beautiful woodgraining and luster as good as the new one will revive!

*Since repair amount and the retention period are different for each items, please contact us for details.