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Living interiors for living with cats

date.2022/05/08   category.納品事例

Completion tour for housing manufacturer Yu-Yu Home, which operates in Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Saga. This time, we coordinated the furniture for one of the one-storey houses. The living and dining room, which can be seen from the skip floor, has a liberating atmosphere with its oak floor and high ceiling. The vertically spread space, where you can spend a relaxing time, must be comfortable for cats. With this in mind, we also proposed RONRONNER products to create a healthy home for both people and cats.

Create a cat space in the window and watch the seasons together.

The living room, clad in oak, is mainly coordinated with the Crank series. Imagining the daily life of a cat enjoying the view outside, we created a place for the cat by the window. The 'Restroom Cover', which completely fits a dome-shaped cat toilet, is placed around the TV where everyone gathers. By setting it in the corner of the living room, the cat can use it calmly and comfortably.

The plastic look of a cat toilet is a necessity, but it just doesn't fit in with the interior. Covering this up will make a big difference to the impression of the room. The top of the dome, which tends to become dead space, can be used effectively as a display space.


Dome-shaped cat toilets. They come in a variety of colours and shapes, but the material does not fit in with the interior and stands out. This time, the same species of wood is used to cover the plastic feel. Some cats seem to like to ride on top.

Relax while watching your cat sleep.

The crank sofa we brought you is made of Ultrasuede, Toray's high-performance fabric that is resistant to cat claws. It allows you to relax together without panic, even if they claw at you. It also has a moist and smooth feel to the touch.

Recommended for sofa-side use is the Relaxing Side Bed, which combines a relaxing space for cats and a side table in one.


The box-shaped bed on the lower level features cushions made from 'Ultrasuede' for the inside, just like the sofa. Its small size makes it easy to move from side to side of the sofa and enjoy café time while watching your sleeping face.

Here and there. Creating a place where cats will be happy to be.

Between the living room and dining room is an open shelf that can be used on both sides. Items you want to grab quickly can be tucked away or displayed, while items you don't want to show can be put in boxes. The highly flexible storage keeps both scenes clutter-free and tidy. And of course, don't store things where cats might like to hide! As our cat-loving staff say: 'Natural wood, a cat flat!' ...

The dining room is set with JASMINE chairs with different shades. The round seat is a favourite shape for cats. The upholstery is made of oak for a unified look and accented with soft shades.


Example of use in a cat café. Chairs and cats are so photogenic! The thick fabric seat looks cosy for the cats.


A spare stool that is quick and easy to use when you have visitors is recommended for its appearance and design when not in use, as it blends in with the space. Placing them side by side with a sideboard or similar creates a step that cats like. You can imagine them lounging on the tops.

Small spaces are the best place to condense your "likes".


The skip floor has a built-in counter desk and wall storage, which is a great space to get work and study done in a concentrated mode. The cats will love it too, as it has a great view of the living and dining room when you look down.


At the top of the ladder is a small loft space with a single window that lets in gentle sunlight. Here, we placed a cat sofa and a lowboard with a fun wooden box for storage, to create a space where cats and people can relax together in close proximity. The cat sofa will probably become the cat's special seat in winter. While gazing at it, they can enjoy time with their children or immerse themselves in their hobbies. We imagined a space where you can take a little distance from everyday life, a time to relax, and a space where gentle time flows.

Even if you don't buy additional cat accessories or install them on the wall, you can create a cohesive look by combining furniture from the perspective of "using it together". We hope you enjoy living with cats and choosing living room interiors.

Thank you to Yu Yu Home for your cooperation in filming the event.

Name of the builder:Tour of YUYU Home
Place:Kumamoto shi, Kumamoto