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【Case study】Desk in a co-working space.

date.2022/08/03   category.納品事例

Examples of tailor-made deliveries, where the customer's image is given form. In this issue, we present desks for offices, workcations and other spaces intended for business use. The way of working has changed in recent years, and the person in charge of the project told us the story of how to divide a large space and create a comfortable space.

A spa facility in a historic spa resort that has been well-loved by the local community. There is a project to revitalise this facility, which was temporarily closed due to lifestyle changes caused by the Corona disaster, as a new place for exchange and experience. It will be reconstructed as a working space specialising in learning and business, with rooms of various sizes and types. The space will be equipped with natural wooden desks for flexible use and will be a safe space for the Corona disaster.

Desk that can be freely reconfigured for spacious and comfortable use.

The hall is the largest space in the facility. First of all, we delivered a desk here. This is a horizontal desk that can be used by one person or by several people gathered together. The top is made of light natural wood and the legs are sturdy square legs. The deeper shades create a calm atmosphere.

 Can be connected together to create a large meeting space.

This is a small office room that has been converted from a guest room. The desks are similar to those in the main room, but when combined they create the feel of one large desk.

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Smaller rooms are available for two units side by side to make a small office or for use as a private room.

Nature abounds outside the windows. A new form of spa facility that meets modern needs, utilising the location of the original hotel. Thank you very much to Kaiseikan in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, for this opportunity.

Availability information.
They have a co-working space in a converted hall and other plans to suit different ways of working. One-day use for teleworking and events are also available for private hire. It is said to be used by people from a wide variety of professions. For more information, please contact us. Kaiseikan Plans and services